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    published on 2017-04-10
    DISCOVER THE LAYING OF THE GERGOSIGN ADHESIVE FLOOR MARKING! Visit our Gergosign YouTube channel to watch the video of the Gergosign adhesive floor marking installation, in a 2000 sqm produ
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  • Gergonne Industrie invests!

    published on 2017-03-22
    GERGONNE INDUSTRIE INVEST IN A NEW INCINERATOR FOR THE SOLVENTS TREATMENT   At today's date, Gergonne Industrie has 3 adhesive coating lines and a fourth machine will be installed by the end of the year
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Technical adhesive components die-cutting

GERGONNE has been a leader in the die-cutting of adhesives and flexible technical materials (foams, rubbers, fabrics, films, etc.) since 1962. The laminating and die-cutting of these materials is our core business and our passion.  

Every day is a chance to reassess ourselves and do all we can to produce the right technical solution for our customers' increasingly complex requirements. 

A converter and also a manufacturer of technical adhesive tape, these combined skills mean we can provide our customers with unique expertise.  

A global partner, GERGONNE has 6 manufacturing centres in France, Spain, Mexico, Slovakia, China and Morocco and also a sales office in Poland. We serve 5 large markets : automotive & transportation, electronics, industrial manufacture, healthcare and construction

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    Discover our technical solutions for the Automotive & Transportation Industry


    Discover our technical solutions for the Electronics Industry


    Discover our technical solutions for Industrial manufacturing


    Discover our technical solutions for the Healthcare Industry


    Discover our technical solutions for the Construction Industry

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